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Youth Round Table & HOSA Challenge

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

Just like last year, Gift8Lives club partnered with Troy High HOSA for the Gift of Life HOSA Challenge, which is a three-week competition to see which HOSA chapter can add the most new names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry or complete the most activities to inspire people to support donation. Prizes were awarded to the top performer in each category (most new donor registrations/most activities). The prizes include $500 Visa Gift Card, and a plaque presentation at the Spring Leadership Conference. Troy High placed 2nd in the most new donor registrations and 5th in the most activities, out of 22 chapters. We were able to sign up 47 people on the organ donor registry and earned 660 activity points.

I also had the opportunity to speak at a live discussion about the HOSA Challenge through Gift of Life Michigan. Here, I was able talk about Troy High's participation in the HOSA Challenge, and why it is such an important initiative. You can view it here:

Yesterday, December 1st, I moderated the "Living Differently" Youth Round Table discussion. This was about providing the youth perspective on organ donation. I got to talk with six other people my age about their experience as transplant recipients. It was very insightful and I suggest all of you check it out here:


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