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Visiting Ann Arbor and Attending my First Home Football Game!

Fall is officially in full swing! This past weekend, I attended my first home football game at MSU, and it was actually the Homecoming game. It was so fun to be part of all the game day traditions here at Michigan State. It was a bit confusing at first because I did not grow up a football fan, but I got the hang of it eventually and was able to understand how the game works!

A few weeks ago, I also got the chance to visit my friend in Ann Arbor while I was there to volunteer at the Be a Hero at the Big House event in the Jack Roth Stadium Club. I had a wonderful time educating people on organ donation and transplantation, specifically what it takes to sign up on the Michigan organ donor registry!

It's kind of funny that I was in both Michigan schools' stadiums over the span of a week!

Thanks for reading! See you in a month!


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