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Touring the University of Michigan!

My family and I toured the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor early this month. I loved the campus and the bustling city of Ann Arbor. I never really went there often, but I ended up really enjoying the tour. After, we went to Tomukun Korean BBQ for lunch, and it was some of the best korean food I have ever had!

Additionally, my brother and I presented at the Driver’s education classes at Courtesy Driving School. This is a great place to talk about organ donation, because these students will have to decide if they want to sign up as an organ donor while getting their license. Students learned a lot from our presentation and the video made by Gift of Life Michigan. The students found out about the many of the organ donation myths they believed in previously were false.

I volunteered at the annual LIFEWalk held in Belle Isle, Detroit in late July. The LIFEWalk is a 5K walk/run and a 10K run that aims to encourage healthy living in members of the organ donation community. It's a great event with food, music, and other festivities. Here is a picture of me handing out medals to the runners!


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