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THS Homecoming Dance and Pep Rally!

Thanks for coming back to read October’s blog post!

This month was my very first homecoming week, which included the pep rally and dance. The pep rally was really cool, and not what I was expecting. I had been to pep rallies in middle school, but none of them were as energetic and fun as the Troy High Homecoming pep rally. It was great to get into the homecoming spirit and get ready for the homecoming dance! Next, the day after the pep rally was the dance! I got ready, and then my friends and I went Sylvan Glenn Park for pictures, Sy Thai for dinner, and then the Troy High gym for the Homecoming dance. Overall, I had an amazing time hanging out with my friends at my very first homecoming!

Also, this month was a festival in my religion called Deepavali, known as “the festival of lights.” To celebrate, we went to a gathering with friends, where we did fireworks, and had a lot of fun!

That’s it for this month! See you in November!


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