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The Best Start to Summer '17

Welcome back to my blog! The beginning of summer this year was all I could’ve wanted and more, so let's get into it!

At the beginning of July, I returned from a week long residential program, called FutureDOcs at Michigan State. I had the opportunity to work with physicians and community members through my participation in classes encompassing topics such as CPR certification, first aid, EMT, osteopathic manipulative medicine demonstrations, anatomy/ physiology training, pathology, dissection, biochemistry, and veterinary medicine. We also got to research a medically related topic and present it to our parents, peers, mentors, and MSUCOM faculty. This was a very enriching experience because I got to learn about Alzheimer’s and Dementia, something that I have always had an interest in. I had so much fun at the program because not only did we get to learn more about our passion for medicine but we also got to meet so many amazing people throughout the week. Look through the slideshow below to see some pictures!

Also, my family and I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, where we toured the campus of Case Western Reserve University. It was a beautiful campus, and I really enjoyed the tour because I have always loved the city of Cleveland and its vibrant atmosphere. After the tour, we visited a couple of museums in Cleveland and did normal tourist-y things, like eating at popular restaurants there! Slide through below for some highlights!

That’s all for July! Come back next month for August’s blog post!


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