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Presentations on organ donation

Over the last few months, Gift8Lives has had our officers present about different aspects of organ donation. For instance, we have had presentations on careers related to organ donation, the procedure of organ transplantation, as well as the myths and misconceptions related to organ donation. Below is a picture from one of our meetings:

HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act

There has been legislation introduced in Michigan's House of Representatives that brings hope to patients living with HIV.

Currently, the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act, prohibits life-saving organs from HIV-positive donors to be used to save the lives of HIV-positive patients here in Michigan. Instead, these vital organs recovered by Gift of Life Michigan are sent to out-of-state patients. According to the CEO of Gift of Life Michigan, Dorrie Dils, the HOPE Act introduced by Rep. Felicia Brabec would remove that restriction. It would allow these organs to benefit Michigan patients, bring the state in line with federal law, increase efficiency and give hope to residents waiting for these life-saving gifts.”

Ms. Dils also said that “Every time someone in our state receives a life-saving transplant, that means one less person is waiting and there is more hope for those still in need,” and “I urge the legislature to pass this measure as soon as possible.”


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