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Coronavirus Crisis, Girl Scout Gold Award, and NYC Trip

Now that Governor Whitmer has implemented a Stay Home order, the Coronavirus concerns have gotten even worse. Sadly, we are no longer able to gather in large groups throughout Michigan.

Before the Coronavirus concerns hit the United States, my family and I traveled to New York City. We walked around the city, visited M & M's world, Ridley's Museum, and saw West Side Story on Broadway. I really enjoyed it and you can check out photos below.

I also received word that after my interview in February, I have officially earned my Gold Award. Although the Honor Reception of Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan has been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, I am hoping that it will be rescheduled sometime!

You can learn more about my project in the "Gold Award" tab of my website, which was related to organ donation education in Michigan teenagers. In the wake of the rapidly spreading new strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, experts urge transplant recipients to use extra caution to protect themselves and their loved ones. The virus, first detected last year, is particularly dangerous to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, and many organ transplant recipients fall under that latter category.

Thanks for reading!

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