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Meeting Ms. Costello & the Start of Summer Vacation!

This month was very fun because it was the last month of freshman year, and I had been looking forward to summer vacation for a long time.

My brother and I met Ms. Costello this month, and she is recovering well from the transplant that happened in December 2017. It was nice talking to her after a long time. You can see her with my brother and I below.

I was an active member of Troy High ClubMed this school year. So, I was very excited when I was elected as Doctor Lecture Coordinator of ClubMed next year! I am looking forward to making a greater impact on the club during my sophomore year!

Finally, my family and I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Rochester, New York, where we toured the campus of the University of Pittsburgh and University of Rochester. It was a beautiful campus, and I really enjoyed the tour because I haven’t been to either of those cities in a long time. After the tour, we visited a couple of museums and ate popular restaurants in both cities!


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