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Meeting Dolores Huerta and Wrapping Up the Semester!

I just finished up the fall semester this week and I am really excited for break to begin! My family and I are headed to Maui next week for a two week long vacation, which I have been looking forward to for the past couple months. I've never been to Hawaii and this is our first family vacation in a while and it will be super fun to explore a new place!

One of the most exciting things that happened this semester is when I had the opportunity to meet Dolores Huerta! She co-founded the United Farmworkers Association alongside Cesar Chavez, and has been a true inspiration and role model for me! I've looked up to her for as long as I can remember, so when I found out she would be speaking and Michigan State's Women's Initiative for Leadership Development Conference this year, I could not pass up the opportunity to be there!

Happy Holidays! See you in the next blog!


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