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Summer 2022 Updates!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today's post will be a little bit longer than usual. I haven't been able to most much since February because spring semester had been so busy, but I have some updates I'd like to share!

I just finished up my freshman year of college and now I'm home for the summer!

I'm really looking forward to spending quality time with my family and friends here in Troy before heading back to campus this fall. I also have some exciting plans for the summer and for my sophomore year at Michigan State!

To start off, I will be joining Dr. Klump's Hormones and Behavior Lab this summer, where I'll be working on a study assessing hormonal, psychological, and behavioral changes in women between the ages of 40-60 years old during the menopausal transition. Specifically, this study is part of the MSU Twin Registry, and we are "examining changes in behavior, mood, beliefs, and thinking during midlife in women." As a psychology major, I'm looking forward to using what I've learned in my classes so far for activities outside the classroom, like research!

I have also been selected to be a tutor-counselor at OsteoCHAMPS this year, which I am so thrilled about! OsteoCHAMPS is a program that gives high school students the opportunity to explore osteopathic medicine, and is a week-long residential summer program held from July 9th-16th this year at MSU. I will be overseeing a group of high school juniors and seniors, as well as assisting the program staff with various aspects of running the program. Therefore, I'll be heading back to MSU's campus on July 9th, and I'm curious to see what MSU is like in the summer compared to the school year!

Also, my family and I will be going to India in June to visit our relatives there! I'm really looking forward to this because I haven't seen my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in nearly 5 years! We had last been to India in December 2017, and originally planned to go back in the Summer of 2020. But as we all know, the circumstances regarding the Covid-19 pandemic did not allow us to go in 2020 or 2021. So, this trip has been a long time in the making! Two of my cousins were born since I last visited, so I'm excited to get to know them and spend a lot of time with my extended family.

This past school year I was heavily involved in the Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association on campus, which is a pre-medical student organization designed to promote and educate the community about the osteopathic philosophy of mind, body, and soul. It is also the undergraduate division of the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA), a national organization of students pursuing a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree. In April I applied to be on the Executive Board of MSU's Pre-SOMA chapter, and ended up getting the position. I look forward to taking on a leadership role in this organization, because I have loved going to the meetings and other events, especially when osteopathic physicians come speak to us about their profession!

Overall I am very excited about what's in store for me this summer and in the fall! Thank you all so much for reading. See you next month!


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