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Health Equity High School Summit!

For my second time in high school, I had the opportunity to perform in the District MSBOA (Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association) festival. I played a piece, and then was given a score based on how well I played. I was super thankful to have gotten a 1, the highest score on this! I had a great time, and I am really excited for the state MSBOA festival in March!

My second gala concert of high school was this month, and I had a lot of fun! As part of the afterglow, our orchestra program brought in food from many restaurant sponsors, and it was amazing! Here are some pictures from the event!

I also participated in the Health Equity High School Summit at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, where I learned about the discipline of public health and health equity. The summit was kicked-off by a keynote speaker, comprised of mini-workshops on health disparities, and taught me how to solve real-world public health problems through a brief team case study competition. At the end of the summit, I was able to identify my own definition of health equity. Overall, I had a great time learning about public health and meeting new people at the summit!


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