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Good News!

Welcome back to my blog!

According to Gift of Life Michigan, people who have recovered from Covid-19 are now able to donate organs.

As long as a donor no longer has any symptoms of Covid-19 (two-negative Covid-19 tests) and have recovered properly (28 days have passed since recovery) , they are able to donate! At the beginning of the pandemic, donors who have recovered from Covid-19 were not able to donate, since medical professionals still did not know enough about the virus to make a decision about it. However, now that experts know more about Covid-19, they are able to transplant organs from donors who have had the virus in the past.

Two exceptions to this include if the donor has passed away from Covid-19 or currently has the virus. Also, the lungs is one organ that cannot be donated from someone who has had Covid-19.

Overall, Covid-19 is now being treated as any other disease. Donors are tested for the virus, and evaluated by physicians at the time of death to make sure that the virus won't be transmitted to the recipient. This is wonderful news for everyone in this country waiting for a life-saving transplant.

Thank you for reading!


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