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GOLM HOSA Challenge, Be a Hero at the Big House & SOS Donor Days!

I volunteered at the Secretary of State this month, where I talked to people about organ donation, and told them where to sign up in the SOS!

Every year Wolverines for Life, the U of M's student-run organ/blood donation awareness club, hosts "Be a Hero at the Big House.” This is an event where you can sign up to be an organ donor, donate blood, or get screened to become a bone marrow donor! There is entertainment, activities, giveaways, special guests, and snacks throughout the time the event runs (8 AM - 5 PM), so it's a great time. I volunteered at the Gift of Life Michigan table for the second time, where I signed people up on the organ donor registry using our laptops, which was much faster than doing it by hand. It was awesome to be able to directly contribute to saved lives while enjoying the festivities in the Jack Roth Stadium Club, which has a great view of the stadium! I'm looking forward to next year!

Gift8Lives club partnered with Troy High HOSA for the Gift of Life HOSA Challenge, which is a three-week competition to see which HOSA chapter can add the most new names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry or complete the most activities to inspire people to support donation. Prizes will be awarded to the top performer in each category (most new donor registrations/most activities). The prizes include $500 cash, a pizza party and a plaque presentation at the Spring Leadership Conference. In addition, we’ll raffle off a pizza party for chapters that register at least 25 new donors and achieve 100 activity points. Every chapter that participates in the challenge will also receive recognition at the Spring Leadership Conference.

As part of the HOSA challenge, Taneisha Campbell from Gift of Life Michigan spoke about organ donation to our Gift8Lives club members! It was very informative and we had a great time!

Although we didn’t win the HOSA challenge, we signed up 135 donors and received 171 activity points. This placed us in 4th for both categories. We are very thankful to everyone who helped us throughout the challenge!

Thanks for reading!


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