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Gala Concert and Selling Girl Scout Cookies!

After coming back from India, I was a little sad to be away from my cousins, but the exciting events that I had this month made up for it!

My very first gala concert of high school was this month, and I had a lot of fun! As part of the afterglow, our orchestra program brought in food from many restaurant sponsors, and it was amazing! However, I was not expecting there to be a background that said “Troy High Orchestras” where we could take pictures.

I also participated in the Brain Bee at MSU, where we had to learn a lot of facts on the brain from a textbook. At the Brain Bee competition, we were quizzed on these topics in a test format as well as an oral round. Psychology and the Brain has always been of interest to me, so I had a great time learning about it!

At Troy High, I am part of ClubMed, an organization that aims to inspire future medical professionals. The club officers brought in a transplant surgeon from Gift of Life Michigan to speak to us about what his job entails. It was an absolutely fascinating insight into the process of becoming a surgeon, what it takes to get there, his daily activities, and the many amazing experiences he's had! It was an amazing experience overall.

Every year, my Girl Scout troop and I go to a grocery store in our nearby area and sell girl scout cookies. It is always a great time and we usually end up selling a lot of cookies, which helps our troop a lot! Here I am below selling cookies!

Thanks for reading and see you in March!


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