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2020 Honor Reception

Welcome back to my blog!

On July 18th, I attended the GSSEM Honor Reception for earning my Gold Award. I'm really grateful that I was able to attend the ceremony at Canterbury Village Drive In during this pandemic. While complying with social distancing requirements, I was able to have a unique experience.

As soon as we arrived on that hot, sunny afternoon, we were given a boxed lunch that we took to our car. This differed from previous honor receptions because we had to comply with social distancing requirements and there were over 100 people in attendance. I received a folder with letters and acknowledgements from members in Congress and the White House. All of the cars from attendees were lined up in front of a big screen. When I went to the stage to receive my award, a video of my talking about my project played on the big screen. It was overall a great time!

You can take a look at pictures below!

Thanks for reading!


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